Physiotheraphy Care

We'll Help Your Loved Ones Regain their Strength

Our physiotherapists at Care & Share are qualified, experienced and provide high quality treatments and rehabilitation. This combined with excellent facilities and state of art equipment ensures that your problem is managed effectively. With different sections for electro therapy exercise therapy, consultation and waiting area to maintain their own unique components and specialization.

Our Physiotherapy Services

  • Speech, Respiratory & Occupational Therapy
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy
  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy
  • Intensive Care Physiotherapy
  • Post Operative Physiotherapy
  • Women's Health Physiotherapy

We can also devise and deliver maintenance and rehabilitation programmes aimed at maintaining or improving movement and function, upholding comfort and assistance in delivery of care for:

Long term Neurological Conditions

We also offer advice and preventative programmes for

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